Latest feedlot winter series videos released

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) has announced the release of its latest instalment of  YouTube videos featuring two families involved in the feedlot industry.

The final series of videos provide an insight into the lives and daily activities of Tim and Tammy Stiller from  Weeroona feedlot and Don and Barb Madden from Smithfield feedlot during the winter months.

The series has followed the two families throughout a typical year and comes in two instalments based on  the two key seasons experienced in feedlots, summer and winter.

ALFA President Don Mackay stated, “Research has shown that whilst consumers have never been more  interested in how food is produced, they have also never been more disconnected from the industry that  produces it, agriculture”.

“Whilst consumers have difficulty relating to cattle feedlot production, they can relate to the people
involved in the industry.”

The initiative aims to familiarise people with the industry, and by showing them what happens on a feedlot  they can relate to our people and their families as they go about their daily lives. “It is hoped by showing a small snapshot of the lives of these families, they can better understand and empathise with these families and the sector, particularly surrounding the importance lot feeders place on issues such as caring for cattle.”

The series are broadly split into the summer and winter seasons to showcase the different activities undertaken by the families in their communities and the cattle at the feedlot.
The latest videos and the series in totality can be viewed on ALFA’s YouTube channel @Australianfeedlots.
The initiative has been managed by ALFA and is funded utilising grain fed cattle levies.

Direct Links to YouTube clips:
Part 1 – Smithfield Farming Family Part 2 – Check in with the Smithfield Farming Family
Part 1 – Weeroona Farming Family Part 2 – Check in with the Weeroona Farming Family

For further information:
Don Mackay
President – ALFA
Mob: 0408 482 737

Dougal Gordon
Mob: 0414 495 368


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