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Animal Welfare Update

POSTED 28 September 2016

In 2011 ALFA undertook a review of how effectively the industry is addressing animal welfare to ensure lot feeders continue to meet industry, government and community expectations in the production of grain fed beef. This document provides information on the successful animal welfare initiatives that the industry has implemented since the initial review.

Animal welfare management

POSTED 02 October 2015

There are many steps and processes involved in safeguarding the welfare of animals on Australian feedlots.

Key feedlot industry statistics

POSTED 01 October 2015

Covering everything from the number of feedlots in Australia to the education levels of feedlot managers, our key statistics document provides a snapshot of the Australian feedlot industry.

The feedlot industry and the environment

POSTED 01 October 2015

The Australian feedlot industry is committed to the protection of the natural environment. Responsible environmental management is critical to the economic.

Hormone growth promotants

POSTED 01 October 2015

There is a misconception that Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP’s) may pose a potential human health risk.  This briefing note explains how HGP’s are safe whilst improving productivity, consumer beef prices and the environment.

Antibiotics and the feedlot sector

POSTED 01 October 2015

There is a misconception that antibiotic use in the Australian cattle feedlot sector is a major contributing factor to the level of resistance in human medicine. This briefing note explains why this proposition is incorrect and how the industry responsibly uses the product for the animal health benefits of cattle.

The ethanol question

POSTED 01 October 2015

ALFA is concerned that Federal and State Government assistance for the ethanol industry distorts grain markets, contributes to increases in food prices and threatens rural businesses that are forced to compete with the ethanol sector for grain.

Animal welfare

POSTED 01 October 2015

ALFA has a proud animal welfare record. The feedlot industry embraced quality assurance early taking the lead in the development of the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS.)

What lot feeders need to know about Coal Seam Gas

POSTED 04 August 2014

The anticipated growth of the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry over the coming decades will see land owners across Australia come under increased pressure to grant access to their land. ALFA is committed to ensuring that landowners are fully aware of the issues and what their options are.

What happens on a feedlot?

POSTED 04 August 2014

Australian cattle spend most of their lives on pasture before being transferred to a feedlot. Owing to the impacts of drought, the lack of pasture land in northern Australia and the market’s desire for grain fed beef, feedlots are necessary to ensuring that cattle achieve marketable weights.


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